Celebrating Contact Point Border Collies' accomplishments

Congratulations to the Contact Point Border Collies
competing at the 2012 USDAA Cynosport World Games!

2011 Cynosport Finalists - Congratulations!

Zing and Gabrielle

Grand Prix 22" Gabrielle & Zing 26"

Tracy & Bam

Tracy Golden & Bam

Bill & Soda

Bill Pinder & Soda Steeplechase 22"

Kate & Power

Kate Moureaux & Power Performance Speed Jumping 16"

Kate & Driven

Kate Moureaux & Driven Performance Versatility Pairs Overall 1st place

Tracy & Bam

Kate Moureaux & Driven (paired with Rosanne DeMascio & Kiba) Veterans Showcase 16"

Kate & Quick

Kate Moureaux & Quick Veterans Overall 1st Kate Moureaux & Quick


Allie Mackay from KTLA5 loves puppies!

Allie KTLA herding

Allie Mackay from KTLA5 got to cuddle with some Contact Point Border Collie pups on August 1st, 2011. 

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