Celebrating Contact Point Border Collies' accomplishments

2011 NAC CPBC Results

Congratulations to all nine of the CPBC's that made the trip to the 2011 AKC Agility National Championships in Lexington, VA.  Tracy Golden and Blink are the 2011 24" National Champion!


National Agility Champion 24"

Tracy Golden & Contact Point's Made Ewe Blink "Blink"
  • 1st place 24" Challenger Round
  • 9th place 24" Standard
  • 8th place 24" JWW
Gabrielle Blackburn & Contact Point's Red Alert of Lightfoot "Zing"
  • 2nd place 20" AKC National Finals
  • 1st place 20" Challenger Round
  • 1st place 20" Hybrid Round
  • 11th place 20" Standard
Kelsey Kirkpatrick & Contact Point's Aced It! "Ace"
  • 1st place 26" Challenger Round
  • 7th place 26" Hybrid Round
  • 12th place 26" State Team Tournament Standard
Kate Moureaux & Contact Point Think Quick "Quick"
  • 2nd place 16"P Challenger Round
  • 2nd place 16"P Standard
  • 2nd place 16"P JWW
  • 3rd place 16" State Team Tournament Standard
  • 8th place 16" State Team Tournament Jumpers
Kate Moureaux & Contact Point's Driven To Win "Driven"
  • 7th place 16" AKC National Finals
  • 4th place 16" Hybrid Round
  • 5th place 16" Standard
  • 8th place 16" JWW
  • 4th place 16" State Team Tournament Standard
  • 5th place 16" State Team Tournament Jumpers
Kate Moureaux & Contact Point's Power Play "Power"
  • 2nd place 20" State Team Tournament Jumpers
Naci Berkoz & Contact Point's Ready & Willing "Will"
  • 8th place 26" Hybrid Round
  • 4th place 26" Standard
  • 2nd place 26" State Team Tournament Standard

Congratulations to Tracy Golden & Contact Point's Blew Bambino "Bam", Jody Lolich & Contact Point's Wound Up Tight "Cyclone" and who qualified and attended the 2011 nationals.

Dillon's First Therapy Dog Event

Dillon TherapyDog_NBC_News

Contact Point's Dillon, "Dillon" - Owned by Kara Trummel, CA

Dillon went to his first therapy dog event and got on the NBC new's page. He was fabulous.. an old timer therapy person asked how long he'd been doing it for because he seemed like he had been doing it for years. I was thrilled with him and it made me realize just how perfect he is for it. I have got to persue going to City of Hope. At the trial today a 7 yr old girl fell in love with him and was trotting him around, had him play dead numerous times, named his shake trick "What Does Every Good Boy Do?", had him stay at varying distances and called him to come front. He did it all with joy. I could not have asked for a dog with a better personality Karen..it made me fall in love with him myself the second I saw him as a pup. He's the best.. Kara and Dillon(they did spell his name wrong in the caption)

See article on the NBC News website

2011 AKC World Team Tryouts

Congratulations to Naci Berkoz & Contact Point's Will and Kelsey Kirkpatrick & Contact Point's Ace on qualifying for the 2011 AKC World Team Tryouts held May 7 & 8, 2011 in MN. Both Will and Ace had very good runs at the tryouts with Naci & Will placing 2nd in Rounds 2 & 5.

The AKC/USA World Team will be chosen at the end of May 2011.  Team members will be competing at the FCI World Championships in France in September 2011.


L to R: Carrie DeYoung AKC Agility Director, Daisy Peel & Solar, Naci Berkoz & Will, Tori Self & Revolution


Kelsey Kirkpatrick & Ace (photo by Tori Self)

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